About the Commission

In February 2019, the Governor of Victoria issued letters patent, which include terms of reference for the Commission's inquiry. You can read the letters patent on the key documents page.

Penny Armytage AM was appointed as the Chair of the Royal Commission along with Dr Alex Cockram, Professor Allan Fels AO and Professor Bernadette McSherry as Commissioners.

Penny Armytage AM


Professor Allan Fels AO


Dr Alex Cockram


Professor Bernadette McSherry


Expert Advisory Committee

An Expert Advisory Committee was established to provide advice to the Commission. The Committee was chaired by Professor Patrick McGorry AO, and also included Professor James Ogloff AM, Ms Anne Doherty, Dr Gerry Naughtin, Ms Erandathie Jayakody, Mr Julian Gardner AM, Ms Honor Eastly and Mr Jim Williamson.

You can read the Expert Advisory Committee's terms of reference on the key documents page.